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This Free Trial will let you discover just how effective the Lingua Sunrise system really is!
You'll be speaking Norwegian confidently right from the very first lesson!

Speaking with a perfect accent

Understanding the natives

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About Lingua Sunrise

The Lingua Sunrise Norwegian language course has been created by people with years of experience in teaching foreign languages in different parts of the world.

With our experience and knowledge we soon recognized the opportunity to create an effective tool for learning the Norwegian language. When we were making key decisions in 2011, the goal that we set ourselves was to create the best program possible. The result is a comprehensive online course in Norwegian, which, beyond any doubt, is the most effective software for learning a foreign language.



While learning another language, you may sometimes have a feeling that something is blocking you, preventing you from making further progress, and you are tempted to give up trying. The Lingua Sunrise course has been designed so as to eliminate any barriers that – as we all know from our own experience – can easily demotivate learners. We, the Lingua Sunrise team, have done our best to remove all possible obstacles that you could encounter on the way to reaching your goal. We have created a simple instrument which will keep boosting your motivation and willingness to learn while taking you to a new level of proficiency in the Norwegian language.


Lingua Sunrise is primarily designed to provide training in both spoken and written language, using vocabulary consistent with the standards of level A as specified in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
So, Lingua Sunrise is a course designed for beginners, but in fact it covers many more aspects and areas of Norwegian than traditional language courses.


Why is Lingua Sunrise so popular?

• Downloadable audio files featuring two teachers in 4 language versions
• Extensive and detailed grammar explanations in 4 language versions
• Dialogues in which you can take part yourself, recorded by Norwegian native speakers
• A dictionary allowing you to listen to the correct pronunciation of Norwegian words
• Phrasal verbs commonly used in everyday language
• Your personal notebook where you can add comments
• Community where you can share information and advice with other students
• Exercises with lots of items and quiz questions
• A final exam with a certificate you can print after completing the course
• Games for relaxation between successive sessions
• Useful information about the Norwegian society in 4 language versions
• Submit questions to our Norwegian teachers 24/7
• A motivation tool which makes you move one step further



The Lingua Sunrise language course is designed for beginner learners, but it is also perfectly suitable for those who want to either build on or just brush up on their knowledge and command of Norwegian.
When we were beginning to develop the course, we conducted market research to find out what other courses offered and what their students received for the money they paid.
The results of our research were disappointing because we were only able to find very little. Actually, we did not find a single comprehensive online course whose design would  correspond to the reference levels set out in the CEFR. In short, we did not find any courses offering such a broad and detailed learning programme with superior technical support as that proudly offered to you by the Lingua Sunrise team.

Join us and you won’t regret!